Good to be back.

10 Jan

So I haven’t posted in a while, and I’m sad about it definitely, but I’m back and I’ve missed it :]
Things have been hectic in my personal life, they always are haha, but I’m getting back into the groove now.

Finally I started sewing all my hand printed fabrics into bags and the such! Its all very exciting really, I even have a few listed on my Etsy!

Actually I’m really happy with my progress right about now, I have finally reached my goal of 50 items in my shop and re took a bunch of pictures that just were not so great with the help of my very good and talented friend Heath (visit and like his Facebook page for me<3) . My new goal is to put a hundred more items in my shop by the end of this month..Its only the tenth so theres still some hope for this!:]

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