Looook what I found ;)

14 Mar

I like to think of myself as a very enthusiastic lover of old things…one of my favorite things to do is treasure hunt.Surprisingly a lot of people I talk to say that they don’t shop at thrift stores because they don’t like to dig through the junk to get to the gold. I personally love it, you could say I’m partially in it for the sport of it all :).
My favorites are old sewing accessories, how to,cooking, home ec books, tools, and fabric…I love fabric, my boyfriend calls me a hoarder, I AM NOT A HOARDER, like I mentioned earlier I’m just a very enthusiastic lover of old things..

Anyways!! I figured since I found the things that I find on my outings interesting, I might share them with you guys too.
Hope you enjoy :]

Today I went to savers, I hate going there because I was once employed by them and trust me they are the walmart of thrift stores however I’m weak and they always have some beautiful CHEAP vintage/used fabric or sheets.

I did find quite a bit of this cream floral fabric, its perfect for undies which is my new obsession.

I also founds this vintage singer sewing book set. Its called ‘Singer Sewing Library’ its in lightly used condition so its still in good shape. The books were published in the 1930’s. I haven’t gotten to read the actual content yet, but when I do I’ll be sure to gibe you guys a review!

I came across some little metal cow boy boot salt & pepper shakers I wanted to get too, but decided against it last minute…they were cool :p

“Good Feeling, won’t you stay with me just a little longer”

1 Feb

Usually when I’m putting treasuries together on Etsy I have to have a specific theme or source of inspiration. Normally that inspiration would derive from a song, like today.
I put this treasury together while listening to the Violent Femmes ‘Good feeling’.
This song is so beautiful, and I go on crazy binges where I’ll just listen to this one song for hours, I can’t explain it.
Check out the treasury and all the beautiful things I found today.

Daisy, you’ll be missed.

1 Feb

Hey everyone!
So I’ve been a little busy getting my affairs in order and haven’t had time to blog too much, but now I have a few thing to share :]
Finally, I am enrolled in classes and I can’t believe that i’m so excited to actually be in school, I can remember all the hard work and intricate thinking and efforts I used to put into avoiding going to school. One time I ran from the police and hid in the bush of an elderly woman’s house when they caught me playing hooky..the woman saw me through her window and just looked absolutely amused by the whole situation. God I miss being 14 haha.

on a less happy note, I found my pet rat dead yesterday. Truly, I am heart broken, I loved her and she was the first pet I had that was actually mine. She liked to climb upside down on her cage, eat cheese its and snuggle under my sweatshirt.
RIP Daisy </3

24 Jan

a few of my favorite photos by my favorite friend.

15 Jan

Okay first I just wanted address how corny my post title is and counter act it with a ” yeah so what?!” HAHA anyways..
Today I wanted to share with everyone, some beautiful work by my favorite local artist.
He’s a versatile photographer who just keeps getting better and more impressive, also he’s my best friend, Heath Pettine. He takes all my pictures and Ive never not been satisfied and I honestly can not wait to see what he’s going to do next, of course I’ll be sure to keep you all updated too ;).
Check him out and if you like what you see visit his business page and show him some love.

Doggie scarf!

12 Jan

My dog is my world, I couldn’t imagine waking up with out her warm body draped over my feet.
She inspires me and makes me feel safe, so I thought I’d show a little gratitude and make her something to help brave the cold winter days.
She loves her new scarf, doesn’t fuss in the least bit when she’s wearing it and it almost seems like she’s prancing around showing off how pretty she looks when its on. Its the cutest thing.
I want to make her some more, this one I hand printed but I don’t think I’m too crazy about the colors.
What do you think?

Good to be back.

10 Jan

So I haven’t posted in a while, and I’m sad about it definitely, but I’m back and I’ve missed it :]
Things have been hectic in my personal life, they always are haha, but I’m getting back into the groove now.

Finally I started sewing all my hand printed fabrics into bags and the such! Its all very exciting really, I even have a few listed on my Etsy!

Actually I’m really happy with my progress right about now, I have finally reached my goal of 50 items in my shop and re took a bunch of pictures that just were not so great with the help of my very good and talented friend Heath (visit and like his Facebook page for me<3) . My new goal is to put a hundred more items in my shop by the end of this month..Its only the tenth so theres still some hope for this!:]