Hello 2012!

29 Dec

With 2012 fast approaching Ive been seriously thinking about life goals and changes I could make to better my whole situation. After a lot of thought I realized that there is so much that needs to be repaired and rebuilt and I started to feel a bit overwhelmed. So I decided to break it down to different aspects of my life. The first aspect is my online business and all around crafty life, What can I do to improve my sales, or inventory, or Etsy.
The second aspect is my happiness, what changes can I make to improve my self worth and keep the gnawing hint of depression from turning into a giant monster consuming me whole like it so often does…better yet what can I do the get rid of it all together?
Third aspect is my relationships, what can I do to improve the relationships I already have and build new ones with people who share similar interest and can help me feel balanced.
Fourth, my lifes stability. What can I do stabilize myself financially and emotionally?
I don’t know what too much information would be to share on a blog mainly focused on my crafty and upbeat life, but to be completely honest the past year has been very rocky in all these areas and its getting to the point where something needs to be done. So thank god for this new year, I welcome it with open arms, if I ever needed a fresh start it would be now.

Starting tonight and ending on the first, I’ll be posting blogs with what ever resolutions I can think of, I will be doing them by section. Fear not! I’ll also be posting updates on all my crafty projects!
in fact ‘m going to be sharing some pictures I took of my little sister now, earlier tonight we had a photo shoot for some vintage glasses I want to sell on Etsy.

What are some of your new years resolutions? how do you plan on following through with them this year?

New scarf!

29 Dec

I made a new scarf for my Etsy shop!
First scarf I ever made, but I found this super soft felt like fabric at the thrift store today and this awesome leopard print fabric and was instantly inspired. I want to make so many more!
Here are some pictures, I’m trying my hand at modeling today 😉
I’m such a loser in front of the camera, but I think it works<3
What do you think of my scarf though?

Working on a new camera case!<3

29 Dec

Recently I got a custom order for a camera case, I had never made on before so I was pretty excited about trying it.
Last night I got the body done, but I messed up and didn’t make the lens pocket big enough like a dope!
So I have to go back and fix it, not a big deal, I’m hoping to have it done by tomorrow though.
here are some pictures of the body.

what do you think?

Adding some dog toys to my shop!

27 Dec

Before I made these in bulk I was a tad bit apprehensive because I was scared they would get chewed through in minutes, but I was wrong!
I used medium weight fabric and decided to make some dog toys that won’t also be eye sores.
I made one for my dog two weeks ago, she’s a big beautiful and aggressive boxer lab, and the toy is still completely intact so it definitely passed the test.
Here are some pictures of the process, what do you think of the finished product?
I hand printed and designed the fabric as well, Personally I’m really excited about it!

What every crafty entrepreneur needs!

27 Dec

Ive read more then a few books on how to turn what your good at into a business they were all okay, but one came out above the rest.
Hand made for profit! I found it at savers and didn’t think much of it but it was 99 cents so I got it anyways and it was the best thing I ever nonchalantly bought for my business.
This book is so informative and detailed., There is how ever a down side, its a little dated and there isn’t much advise on how to use the internet to help your business.
No worries though!! Theres another book I found really helpful too!
Handmade marketplace, if you’re looking to invest in some informative books to help your business grow these are the two you should look for! GOODLUCK!

I made new salt and pepper shakers!

26 Dec

I just listed these on Etsy
I have two more plain sets of shakers and I can't wait to decorate those too, I'm just stumped as to what to put on them.
I'll figure it out though,I think these are actually pretty awesome, what do you think?

Top ten crafting playlist!

26 Dec

Music is a very very important part of my creating process and my life in general to be honest.
I wanted to share a few of my favorites that keep going and upbeat and singing along all night.
I hope you enjoy them as much as I do ❤

1. Jenny Lewis-She is beautiful and talented and one of a kind, truly the closest thing I have to an idol or a muse..she makes me happy keeps inspired and I really can not explain what her music does to me.

2. Regina Spektor-this woman's voice is captivating and her lyrics keep me entertained, everything she sings is like a little story.

3. The Shins- What is there to say except this band is mind blowing.

4. Stars- so very talented so very beautiful

5. coldplay- I am IN LOVE with everything coldplay does, they make my heart flutter ❤

6. Damien rice-such a talented writer and singer.

7. Cat Power- CAT POWER!

8. Tegan and sara- They're just so good, so talented, so crazy.

9. Laura Marling- she's so young and writes such beautiful music, I can't get over it.

10. Karen o- This woman's crazy..thats all.

Some recent thrift store finds :]

26 Dec

So I can’t express to you all how badly I am itching to hit some thrift stores today! Its the day after christmas, money was flowing in and I’m newly inspired and motivated!
something you should know about me is that I am very easily discouraged. When I put effort into things and don’t get an immediate rave review I want to crawl up inside myself and forget I tried..its not healthy but it is what it is I guess. Anyways thats what Ive been starting feel lately regarding my crafty business ventures but after this christmas my enthusiasm is most definitely back! I totally understand that rome wasn’t built in a day and like I keep repeating through out y blog posts, it’s all baby steps. I really need to start listening to myself.
I want to go find new supplies new things to recreate I just want to get to work and come back with a bang :]
Anyways I wanted to share some of my most recent thrift store finds ❤

(I didn't find the bathing suit, it was actually given to me by a friend of a friend. It is vintage and adorable and originally found in a thrift store I think)

Crafts for CHRIMBUS!

25 Dec

and now for my daily craft and blog post 😉
I woke this morning and got right back to my crafting roots. Back when I was just a wee little thing I did a lot of gluing and cutting of paper and cardboard..it was all very amateur lol, this morning I made a little shadow box thing just for a hell of it. it didn’t come out great, but its definitely cute :], heres a picture.

Plastic bag zipper pouches

24 Dec

Loved making these just about as much as I love how they came out!
What do you think?
They’re listed on my Etsy if you REALLLYYY like em ;).