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Juno loves her photo taken.

25 Mar

Everyone say hello to my sweetheart Juno.
This past week, w’ve been blessed with the most beautiful weather, so naturally I spent as much time outside with my dog friend as possible.
She had a blast and was wiped out every night, I can tell summers going to be a good time..I can’t wait!

I’ve been working on a custom baby bag recently that came out beautifully so far, Im just having a little trouble with an iron on transfer print.
Does anybody know anything about that?

I have a few ideas for back packs too, I wish I had more time!

Look What I found Part II!

19 Mar

I went Treasure hunting this past weekend and found a few very interesting things that I wanted to share with you guys!
I also listed them on Etsy, if you’re interested in buying in any of them.

Looook what I found ;)

14 Mar

I like to think of myself as a very enthusiastic lover of old things…one of my favorite things to do is treasure hunt.Surprisingly a lot of people I talk to say that they don’t shop at thrift stores because they don’t like to dig through the junk to get to the gold. I personally love it, you could say I’m partially in it for the sport of it all :).
My favorites are old sewing accessories, how to,cooking, home ec books, tools, and fabric…I love fabric, my boyfriend calls me a hoarder, I AM NOT A HOARDER, like I mentioned earlier I’m just a very enthusiastic lover of old things..

Anyways!! I figured since I found the things that I find on my outings interesting, I might share them with you guys too.
Hope you enjoy :]

Today I went to savers, I hate going there because I was once employed by them and trust me they are the walmart of thrift stores however I’m weak and they always have some beautiful CHEAP vintage/used fabric or sheets.

I did find quite a bit of this cream floral fabric, its perfect for undies which is my new obsession.

I also founds this vintage singer sewing book set. Its called ‘Singer Sewing Library’ its in lightly used condition so its still in good shape. The books were published in the 1930’s. I haven’t gotten to read the actual content yet, but when I do I’ll be sure to gibe you guys a review!

I came across some little metal cow boy boot salt & pepper shakers I wanted to get too, but decided against it last minute…they were cool :p

Doggie scarf!

12 Jan

My dog is my world, I couldn’t imagine waking up with out her warm body draped over my feet.
She inspires me and makes me feel safe, so I thought I’d show a little gratitude and make her something to help brave the cold winter days.
She loves her new scarf, doesn’t fuss in the least bit when she’s wearing it and it almost seems like she’s prancing around showing off how pretty she looks when its on. Its the cutest thing.
I want to make her some more, this one I hand printed but I don’t think I’m too crazy about the colors.
What do you think?

Good to be back.

10 Jan

So I haven’t posted in a while, and I’m sad about it definitely, but I’m back and I’ve missed it :]
Things have been hectic in my personal life, they always are haha, but I’m getting back into the groove now.

Finally I started sewing all my hand printed fabrics into bags and the such! Its all very exciting really, I even have a few listed on my Etsy!

Actually I’m really happy with my progress right about now, I have finally reached my goal of 50 items in my shop and re took a bunch of pictures that just were not so great with the help of my very good and talented friend Heath (visit and like his Facebook page for me<3) . My new goal is to put a hundred more items in my shop by the end of this month..Its only the tenth so theres still some hope for this!:]

2 Jan

So lately I haven’t been spending as much time as I should be sewing.
But I have some great ideas all piled up in my head so no worries!

I did made a new scarf and two medium sized cosmetics bags that I LOVE!

So this christams I got an acoustic guitar and its beautiful.
I’m making a commitment to practice for at least 15 minutes a day I’m so excited to write songs..I’m sure my boyfriend is so excited to here me playing at all hours of the night too haha.

anyways heres a picture of my sparkly new years nails and a video of musical soulmate Jenny lewis and some more awesome amazing musicians, Elivis Costello and Zooey Deschenal!

I just want to emphasize how much more I love Jenny then anyone else!

little kids and fabric markers!

1 Jan

Lately Ive been really interested in the creativity of my much younger siblings, Finger puppets yesterday with my little brother, some fabric printing today with my little sister,
I gave her some crayola fabric markers and let her go to town.
I think this is really cute, I want to surprise her mom with a little colorful zip pouch later.

Also I drew out some beautiful designs with these markers too, what do you think?

Finger puppet project with my adorable little brother.

31 Dec

My little brother comes to visit once every two weeks or so and when he does he is always anxious to get to creating!
Tonight I thought he would love to make some finger puppets, and he did!
When bedtime came around he grabbed all three of them and brought them to bed with him on his fingers 🙂
These are a little rough looking, but they were a project I completed with my super creative and super cute little brother.
I want to make moremoremore!

Also tonight I took the time to watch the movie ‘The Help’
I absolutely loved every minute of it, I would recommend it to anyone!
Emma Stone is beautiful and the story is empowering in itself.
Watch it!

Trying to start a business out of your unique skills?

29 Dec

I found a post on another blog called ‘Keeping It Indie’ that has plenty of tips to help you do just that!
Check it out, it will be worth your while :].

New scarf!

29 Dec

I made a new scarf for my Etsy shop!
First scarf I ever made, but I found this super soft felt like fabric at the thrift store today and this awesome leopard print fabric and was instantly inspired. I want to make so many more!
Here are some pictures, I’m trying my hand at modeling today 😉
I’m such a loser in front of the camera, but I think it works<3
What do you think of my scarf though?