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Weird Science.

18 Mar

So, my hair is accustomed to a fair amount of abuse. Through out the years I have relentlessly straightened, curled, and colored my hair. The past few months I’ve been bleaching my hair and the outcome of it is fried & broken hair.
I wanted to color treat my hair but didn’t quite want to inflict anymore chemical warfare on on my head again. I came across henna hair dye at this handmade soap store named ‘Plush’ in the providence place mall, it looked like a chocolate bar!
Henna hair dye is a little pricey but if you have the money, worth it.
The dying process is a little bit of a pain in the ass, but it’s not so bad.
The dye itself feels like mud it’s kind of neat.
My only disappointment with the dye was the fact that once mixed it looked like diarrhea! haha but I put my big girl pants on and quickly moved past that.

In order for the dye to work you have to keep it in your hair over night, and the outcome of the color is somewhat of a mystery so I really went through with this all on good faith.
I bought red dye, melted it and mixed it with water, ground peppers, paprika, sazon, cayenne pepper and chili powder too help intensify the color.
The woman at plush said to leave it in as LONG as possible, that meant like two days..I left it in for 18 hours. The color came out relatively well, although I wish I didn’t skimp on the time now. I wonder how bad ass the color would be if I had been patient and left it in for 48 hours.

Here are some pictures of the dye mixed, the mix in my hair and the outcome.

Working on a new camera case!<3

29 Dec

Recently I got a custom order for a camera case, I had never made on before so I was pretty excited about trying it.
Last night I got the body done, but I messed up and didn’t make the lens pocket big enough like a dope!
So I have to go back and fix it, not a big deal, I’m hoping to have it done by tomorrow though.
here are some pictures of the body.

what do you think?

I made new salt and pepper shakers!

26 Dec

I just listed these on Etsy
I have two more plain sets of shakers and I can't wait to decorate those too, I'm just stumped as to what to put on them.
I'll figure it out though,I think these are actually pretty awesome, what do you think?

Some recent thrift store finds :]

26 Dec

So I can’t express to you all how badly I am itching to hit some thrift stores today! Its the day after christmas, money was flowing in and I’m newly inspired and motivated!
something you should know about me is that I am very easily discouraged. When I put effort into things and don’t get an immediate rave review I want to crawl up inside myself and forget I tried..its not healthy but it is what it is I guess. Anyways thats what Ive been starting feel lately regarding my crafty business ventures but after this christmas my enthusiasm is most definitely back! I totally understand that rome wasn’t built in a day and like I keep repeating through out y blog posts, it’s all baby steps. I really need to start listening to myself.
I want to go find new supplies new things to recreate I just want to get to work and come back with a bang :]
Anyways I wanted to share some of my most recent thrift store finds ❤

(I didn't find the bathing suit, it was actually given to me by a friend of a friend. It is vintage and adorable and originally found in a thrift store I think)

Crafts for CHRIMBUS!

25 Dec

and now for my daily craft and blog post 😉
I woke this morning and got right back to my crafting roots. Back when I was just a wee little thing I did a lot of gluing and cutting of paper and cardboard..it was all very amateur lol, this morning I made a little shadow box thing just for a hell of it. it didn’t come out great, but its definitely cute :], heres a picture.

I love my dog/ sewing failures and wins.

24 Dec

Its unreasonable and creepy how much I adore my dog, Im a border line crazy cat lady except with my Juno.
I cook her own food, make her a beds, talk to her like she’s a person, invest in stupid over the top dog things, but now I want to make her dog toys! I actually want to make some for my Etsy shop too, but baby steps will be taken :]

I kind of trialed and errored a dog toy last.. you could call it a sewing fail aesthetically but when you get the point of it my dog loves her new toy!

I had this idea because Juno loved playing with plastic bottles (I think its the noise they make), that I would make some kind of animal out of durable fabric and stick the bottle inside it so she could chew with out me worrying about her ingesting bits of plastic..and other bits of plastic going all over my floor.

I attempted a skunk last night..it looked like a weird lizard, plus when I was making it I didn’t leave a slit big enough to shove the bottle in so I just stuffed it with poly fill. then I attempted a mini one..this one looked like a sick slug lol! what ever, they were fun to make I’ll be trying again tonight probably. Here are some pictures of my failures and my beautiful dog!

The portuguese in me! (late night kale soup!)

24 Dec

Okay so a lot of the time people are surprised to learn that I am in fact portuguese. I can even speak it some what fluently, gotta do some brushing up though. Sure my dads a very white american but on my moms side its all vovo’s, talks of the old country and Chouricio and TRUST me I am not complaining 😉 Growing up my grandma would make me kale soup ALL OF THE TIME, I loved it but I got sick of it and started not to appreciate it. Well when one of my very good friends Caitlyn of Against The Grain Designs, called me t 11:30 at night asking where she could get good portuguese soup at this hour I said no where…then realized I had all the ingredients at home and invited her over for an experiment of sorts.

Okay so I didn’t exactly have all the ingredients.. I didn’t have kale..and actually I wasn’t sure what the ingredients actually were so I improvised the hell out of this and it came out so fantastic.

I used canned spinach garbanzo beans,potatoes, a lot of chouricio obviously, a bit of vinegar, cayenne pepper, a lot of that ethnic adobe seasoning, mushrooms and to be honest I don’t remember what els I threw in there but either way it was delicious and I am so proud of the portuguese vovo in me coming and conquering that kitchen!

Caitlyn makes beautiful plugs with her grandfather out of wood, they’re all quality and all gorgeous!
She doesn’t have an easy yet but check out her Facebook and show her some support! :]

Shameless self promoting !!!

23 Dec

Okay, so Ive been putting a lot of time and work into my Etsy page.
I’m trying really really really hard to generate more traffic to both my Etsy and blog.
I am relatively new to blogging but so far I love it, I love seeing all your blogs and seeing what you all have to share too. you’re all so inspiring, talented and interesting thank you so much for sharing your world.
I wanted to share some of my work that I have for sale on my Etsy, if you have an Etsy yourself please don’t shy and add yourself to my circle or add me to your favorites and I’ll return the favor of course!

homemade potato chips

22 Dec

I really really really enjoy cooking. I just recently stepped into this interest though, for the first 19 years of my life the kitchen was a foreign concept to me. I would always screw up mac and cheese my meats were always over cooked and veggies over seasoned..now I’m better, but god do I love my seasonings!
Anyways I’m really hungry right now and I think I’m going to go make some potato chips, Ive made them before and they were fairly simple to make and tasted amazing, I’m going to try making another batch today but I’ll be tweaking the recipe a bit this time. This is how I made them originally.

* rinse potatoes
* cut potatoes into into chip shapes as thin or thick as you like.
* soak them in cold water for 30 minutes to release excess starch.
* heat up olive oil in a pan ( I threw some vinegar and tabasco in but thats just my preference)
* throw the potatoes in and let them fry, depending on how thick or thin you cut your potatoes timing may vary. I let mine sizzle for about ten minutes I think!
* take em out, get the excess oil off with paper towels
* throw some seasoning on those chips and let dry!( I put some cayenne pepper, black pepper, and salt)

This time I think I may try baking the chips to make them crispier or something because mine were very moist..BUT delicious none the less. Also the fist time I made them I put seasoning on the potatoes before throwing them in the pan, it didn’t really make a difference I couldn’t taste any of the seasoning till I added more after I took them out of the pan.

A few more pictures of things Ive recently made!

21 Dec

I’m especially proud of the tie clips I made, then theres the pretty fabric I Printed and the cool salt and pepper shakers. The shark appliqué is actually part of a wallet someone special ordered.
what do you think?