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I love my dog/ sewing failures and wins.

24 Dec

Its unreasonable and creepy how much I adore my dog, Im a border line crazy cat lady except with my Juno.
I cook her own food, make her a beds, talk to her like she’s a person, invest in stupid over the top dog things, but now I want to make her dog toys! I actually want to make some for my Etsy shop too, but baby steps will be taken :]

I kind of trialed and errored a dog toy last.. you could call it a sewing fail aesthetically but when you get the point of it my dog loves her new toy!

I had this idea because Juno loved playing with plastic bottles (I think its the noise they make), that I would make some kind of animal out of durable fabric and stick the bottle inside it so she could chew with out me worrying about her ingesting bits of plastic..and other bits of plastic going all over my floor.

I attempted a skunk last night..it looked like a weird lizard, plus when I was making it I didn’t leave a slit big enough to shove the bottle in so I just stuffed it with poly fill. then I attempted a mini one..this one looked like a sick slug lol! what ever, they were fun to make I’ll be trying again tonight probably. Here are some pictures of my failures and my beautiful dog!