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Juno loves her photo taken.

25 Mar

Everyone say hello to my sweetheart Juno.
This past week, w’ve been blessed with the most beautiful weather, so naturally I spent as much time outside with my dog friend as possible.
She had a blast and was wiped out every night, I can tell summers going to be a good time..I can’t wait!

I’ve been working on a custom baby bag recently that came out beautifully so far, Im just having a little trouble with an iron on transfer print.
Does anybody know anything about that?

I have a few ideas for back packs too, I wish I had more time!

Doggie scarf!

12 Jan

My dog is my world, I couldn’t imagine waking up with out her warm body draped over my feet.
She inspires me and makes me feel safe, so I thought I’d show a little gratitude and make her something to help brave the cold winter days.
She loves her new scarf, doesn’t fuss in the least bit when she’s wearing it and it almost seems like she’s prancing around showing off how pretty she looks when its on. Its the cutest thing.
I want to make her some more, this one I hand printed but I don’t think I’m too crazy about the colors.
What do you think?

Adding some dog toys to my shop!

27 Dec

Before I made these in bulk I was a tad bit apprehensive because I was scared they would get chewed through in minutes, but I was wrong!
I used medium weight fabric and decided to make some dog toys that won’t also be eye sores.
I made one for my dog two weeks ago, she’s a big beautiful and aggressive boxer lab, and the toy is still completely intact so it definitely passed the test.
Here are some pictures of the process, what do you think of the finished product?
I hand printed and designed the fabric as well, Personally I’m really excited about it!