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Tonight I tried potato stamping..

19 Dec

And it was so much fun! My first attempt was a simple triangle design which came out as well as I expected it too..which was bad…and an anchor..which came out okay for a first attempt but not great. After Ironing all my designs out I tried again, this time I carved an elephant and it actually came out pretty damn good.
I printed my pretty little elephant on 4 by 7 pieces of fabric to eventually make pouches out of. Have I mentioned how excited this makes me?

I’m kind of sort of trying to get as much creating in as possible before I get another job, because I know once I do I won’t have the time I have now to experiment and learn. I’ve been unemployed for a little while now and luckily I have a supportive group of family and friends (and boyfriend)but having extra cash was something I definitely took for granted..this week its crunch time..I will find a job or at least a strong potential, I know a lot go employers like to wait till after the holidays. I do keep having this fantasy where my business picks up and I can just create beautiful things for beautiful people all instead of, well..anything else haha..someday.

Tonight I also dropped by a local tattoo studio called mom & pops. This place is everything a tattoo studio should be, the walls are plastered with local art, the people hanging out there are all artists in some form, its one of the little places in this city (Fall River) that keep it alive.