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“Good Feeling, won’t you stay with me just a little longer”

1 Feb

Usually when I’m putting treasuries together on Etsy I have to have a specific theme or source of inspiration. Normally that inspiration would derive from a song, like today.
I put this treasury together while listening to the Violent Femmes ‘Good feeling’.
This song is so beautiful, and I go on crazy binges where I’ll just listen to this one song for hours, I can’t explain it.
Check out the treasury and all the beautiful things I found today.

Trying to start a business out of your unique skills?

29 Dec

I found a post on another blog called ‘Keeping It Indie’ that has plenty of tips to help you do just that!
Check it out, it will be worth your while :].

What every crafty entrepreneur needs!

27 Dec

Ive read more then a few books on how to turn what your good at into a business they were all okay, but one came out above the rest.
Hand made for profit! I found it at savers and didn’t think much of it but it was 99 cents so I got it anyways and it was the best thing I ever nonchalantly bought for my business.
This book is so informative and detailed., There is how ever a down side, its a little dated and there isn’t much advise on how to use the internet to help your business.
No worries though!! Theres another book I found really helpful too!
Handmade marketplace, if you’re looking to invest in some informative books to help your business grow these are the two you should look for! GOODLUCK!

Shameless self promoting !!!

23 Dec

Okay, so Ive been putting a lot of time and work into my Etsy page.
I’m trying really really really hard to generate more traffic to both my Etsy and blog.
I am relatively new to blogging but so far I love it, I love seeing all your blogs and seeing what you all have to share too. you’re all so inspiring, talented and interesting thank you so much for sharing your world.
I wanted to share some of my work that I have for sale on my Etsy, if you have an Etsy yourself please don’t shy and add yourself to my circle or add me to your favorites and I’ll return the favor of course!