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Never Lose your hat!

10 Jul

Over the Weekend a friend of mine who also happened to be a photographer invited me over to model for a series he’s working on.

I jumped at the opportunity, of coarse! Lately I’ve been working really hard but my work is all scattered. Theres some sewing, some writing, some practicing guitar, and UKE!, some yoga, and a lot of actual work as a waitress on a lunch cruz called the harbor Queen.

I’ll write about all of these things at some point in the near future.

I haven’t had much time to post or update my Etsy for that matter, but here I am, hoping some people still care! 🙂

I have a few things to write about, that I’ll release within the next couple of weeks. One is about the trip I took Bonnaroo this summer, that some of you may find interesting.


Here are just a few of the lovely pictures my friend Heath Pettine is responsible for.

I Personally named the series ‘Never lose your hat’ It’s a play on the the phrase from the hitchhikers guid to the galaxy series.

Never lose your towel!

“Good Feeling, won’t you stay with me just a little longer”

1 Feb

Usually when I’m putting treasuries together on Etsy I have to have a specific theme or source of inspiration. Normally that inspiration would derive from a song, like today.
I put this treasury together while listening to the Violent Femmes ‘Good feeling’.
This song is so beautiful, and I go on crazy binges where I’ll just listen to this one song for hours, I can’t explain it.
Check out the treasury and all the beautiful things I found today.

Good to be back.

10 Jan

So I haven’t posted in a while, and I’m sad about it definitely, but I’m back and I’ve missed it :]
Things have been hectic in my personal life, they always are haha, but I’m getting back into the groove now.

Finally I started sewing all my hand printed fabrics into bags and the such! Its all very exciting really, I even have a few listed on my Etsy!

Actually I’m really happy with my progress right about now, I have finally reached my goal of 50 items in my shop and re took a bunch of pictures that just were not so great with the help of my very good and talented friend Heath (visit and like his Facebook page for me<3) . My new goal is to put a hundred more items in my shop by the end of this month..Its only the tenth so theres still some hope for this!:]

Plastic bag zipper pouches

24 Dec

Loved making these just about as much as I love how they came out!
What do you think?
They’re listed on my Etsy if you REALLLYYY like em ;).