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Top ten crafting playlist!

26 Dec

Music is a very very important part of my creating process and my life in general to be honest.
I wanted to share a few of my favorites that keep going and upbeat and singing along all night.
I hope you enjoy them as much as I do ❤

1. Jenny Lewis-She is beautiful and talented and one of a kind, truly the closest thing I have to an idol or a muse..she makes me happy keeps inspired and I really can not explain what her music does to me.

2. Regina Spektor-this woman's voice is captivating and her lyrics keep me entertained, everything she sings is like a little story.

3. The Shins- What is there to say except this band is mind blowing.

4. Stars- so very talented so very beautiful

5. coldplay- I am IN LOVE with everything coldplay does, they make my heart flutter ❤

6. Damien rice-such a talented writer and singer.

7. Cat Power- CAT POWER!

8. Tegan and sara- They're just so good, so talented, so crazy.

9. Laura Marling- she's so young and writes such beautiful music, I can't get over it.

10. Karen o- This woman's crazy..thats all.