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Daisy, you’ll be missed.

1 Feb

Hey everyone!
So I’ve been a little busy getting my affairs in order and haven’t had time to blog too much, but now I have a few thing to share :]
Finally, I am enrolled in classes and I can’t believe that i’m so excited to actually be in school, I can remember all the hard work and intricate thinking and efforts I used to put into avoiding going to school. One time I ran from the police and hid in the bush of an elderly woman’s house when they caught me playing hooky..the woman saw me through her window and just looked absolutely amused by the whole situation. God I miss being 14 haha.

on a less happy note, I found my pet rat dead yesterday. Truly, I am heart broken, I loved her and she was the first pet I had that was actually mine. She liked to climb upside down on her cage, eat cheese its and snuggle under my sweatshirt.
RIP Daisy </3

Little Junos ready for her close up

22 Dec

Okay everyone say hello to Juno,my sweet sweet little girl dog I love her and she’s adorable and If you’re following my blog you will be forced to become acquainted with her lol.

The first couple of pictures are of Juno enjoying the bed I made her. I created it the day my boyfriend I got her so she would have something comfy her very first day with us. Yes its a tad bit too small I know.
The one after that is her being the big spoon..can we just talk about how my dogs ALWAYS the big spoon?!?