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Never Lose Your Hat Part 2.

17 Jul

As promised here are the rest of the pictures from the “never lose your hat set’.
I had a lot of fun doing this series and LOVE the way all the photos came out.
A friend of mine even went as far as to say that the photographer really captured my “essence” haha.
I’ve been thinking a lot about doing more modeling, its definitely a fun way to pass the time.

Anyways I have a lot to share with everyone about my business, crafts, dog and life.
Right now, I’ll just share these with you though and hope you enjoy them.
If you do don’t hesitate to check out the photographers Facebook page and give him a like.

Heath Pettine.

a few of my favorite photos by my favorite friend.

15 Jan

Okay first I just wanted address how corny my post title is and counter act it with a ” yeah so what?!” HAHA anyways..
Today I wanted to share with everyone, some beautiful work by my favorite local artist.
He’s a versatile photographer who just keeps getting better and more impressive, also he’s my best friend, Heath Pettine. He takes all my pictures and Ive never not been satisfied and I honestly can not wait to see what he’s going to do next, of course I’ll be sure to keep you all updated too ;).
Check him out and if you like what you see visit his business page and show him some love.

Working on a new camera case!<3

29 Dec

Recently I got a custom order for a camera case, I had never made on before so I was pretty excited about trying it.
Last night I got the body done, but I messed up and didn’t make the lens pocket big enough like a dope!
So I have to go back and fix it, not a big deal, I’m hoping to have it done by tomorrow though.
here are some pictures of the body.

what do you think?