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Still learning

27 Nov

So…I have a small confession to make, since I began sewing Ive been avoiding learning how to use a button foot. I always do this, avoid trying new things because they intimidate me. Well today I faced my fears. I turned on some Arrested Development to calm my nerves, read the direction & by golly was it easy!

I can’t wait till tomorrow to start a whole new set of projects involving buttons!

I added button closures to a few of my bags today. Admittedly I feel as though I’m going a little button crazy haha.

I want to go on a thrift store adventure soon, I need more supplies. Fabric, buttons,  yarn, frames..Just thinking of it now is making me anxious. I am in desperate need of either fabric I can make straps out of or webbing, also linoleum blocks, and new silk screening supplies. they’re are so many projects I want to start but can’t because I’m missing what    I need. It will all come in due time I suppose.

Anyways! heres a shotty picture of one of the bags, when I sewed the freaken closure flap on I put it on crooked!

sometimes I hate myself lol. I guess first thing on my list of button involved projects is repairing this one.

what do you think of the bag? I love the fabric and suede choice, how ever I wish I had a med brown suede instead. floral and suede overnight bag.