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Juno loves her photo taken.

25 Mar

Everyone say hello to my sweetheart Juno.
This past week, w’ve been blessed with the most beautiful weather, so naturally I spent as much time outside with my dog friend as possible.
She had a blast and was wiped out every night, I can tell summers going to be a good time..I can’t wait!

I’ve been working on a custom baby bag recently that came out beautifully so far, Im just having a little trouble with an iron on transfer print.
Does anybody know anything about that?

I have a few ideas for back packs too, I wish I had more time!

little kids and fabric markers!

1 Jan

Lately Ive been really interested in the creativity of my much younger siblings, Finger puppets yesterday with my little brother, some fabric printing today with my little sister,
I gave her some crayola fabric markers and let her go to town.
I think this is really cute, I want to surprise her mom with a little colorful zip pouch later.

Also I drew out some beautiful designs with these markers too, what do you think?

New scarf!

29 Dec

I made a new scarf for my Etsy shop!
First scarf I ever made, but I found this super soft felt like fabric at the thrift store today and this awesome leopard print fabric and was instantly inspired. I want to make so many more!
Here are some pictures, I’m trying my hand at modeling today 😉
I’m such a loser in front of the camera, but I think it works<3
What do you think of my scarf though?

I love my dog/ sewing failures and wins.

24 Dec

Its unreasonable and creepy how much I adore my dog, Im a border line crazy cat lady except with my Juno.
I cook her own food, make her a beds, talk to her like she’s a person, invest in stupid over the top dog things, but now I want to make her dog toys! I actually want to make some for my Etsy shop too, but baby steps will be taken :]

I kind of trialed and errored a dog toy last.. you could call it a sewing fail aesthetically but when you get the point of it my dog loves her new toy!

I had this idea because Juno loved playing with plastic bottles (I think its the noise they make), that I would make some kind of animal out of durable fabric and stick the bottle inside it so she could chew with out me worrying about her ingesting bits of plastic..and other bits of plastic going all over my floor.

I attempted a skunk last night..it looked like a weird lizard, plus when I was making it I didn’t leave a slit big enough to shove the bottle in so I just stuffed it with poly fill. then I attempted a mini one..this one looked like a sick slug lol! what ever, they were fun to make I’ll be trying again tonight probably. Here are some pictures of my failures and my beautiful dog!

I made iPhone cases!

24 Dec

I love vintage looking floral fabrics, and I love sewing. I just listed these to my Etsy, I’m kind of excited about it :]

I Cant wait to make more!

Also take a looky at a few of the bags I made last week. I’m anxious to share!

made myself a skirt, its too freaken big!

22 Dec

Okay so last night I made my second attempt at making a skirt, and it actually came out really nice just a little to big for me unfortunately.Despite the size issue I’m proud of it and can’t wait to make attempt number 3 and hopefully get it right this time.

In other news I just finished a wallet that was customer ordered, Its so cute!

Also I’m desperately trying to gain some traffic on my Etsy account if you have one don’t be shy.

Currently going print crazy..

16 Dec

Ive been doing a lot of experimenting lately, and I just can’t stop making my own prints. Most of the fabric Ive printed on is smaller pieces and scraps, but the few pieces that were big enough to make purses out of I did! I also went to savers the other night and picked up as much plain cloth as possible..pillow cases, material sheets, ectt. I just can’t wait to get to work!



Still learning

27 Nov

So…I have a small confession to make, since I began sewing Ive been avoiding learning how to use a button foot. I always do this, avoid trying new things because they intimidate me. Well today I faced my fears. I turned on some Arrested Development to calm my nerves, read the direction & by golly was it easy!

I can’t wait till tomorrow to start a whole new set of projects involving buttons!

I added button closures to a few of my bags today. Admittedly I feel as though I’m going a little button crazy haha.

I want to go on a thrift store adventure soon, I need more supplies. Fabric, buttons,  yarn, frames..Just thinking of it now is making me anxious. I am in desperate need of either fabric I can make straps out of or webbing, also linoleum blocks, and new silk screening supplies. they’re are so many projects I want to start but can’t because I’m missing what    I need. It will all come in due time I suppose.

Anyways! heres a shotty picture of one of the bags, when I sewed the freaken closure flap on I put it on crooked!

sometimes I hate myself lol. I guess first thing on my list of button involved projects is repairing this one.

what do you think of the bag? I love the fabric and suede choice, how ever I wish I had a med brown suede instead. floral and suede overnight bag.