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A little DIY for Christmas!

18 Dec

So, I don’t know about the rest of you but I am extra excited for christmas this year. The food, the Gifts, The family..and of course my ugly Christmas Sweater party.
I’ve been gathering recipes for this party actually and its like fate that I would randomly stumble upon this Mexican hot Chocolate recipe..It looks so delicious and if you’re reading my blog I think you should know I’m crazy about chocolate..hot chocolate especially.
On a less happy note a few weeks ago I did a small craft fair that I found on craigslist, it was my third fair and after the success of my first and failure of my second I was excited to see how this would go…well it went bad..just plain horrible to be honest. The table was 30 and in my current financial situation 30 dollars is a lot of freaken dollars. Well the ad I answered didn’t mention that the fair was being held for an elementary school chorus event. most of the people there were not there to to spend money but to watch their kids preform. All in all I made 17 dollars, I sold a little a girl a purse at ten dollars, how much she liked it just made my day! But I have to say It did discourage me quite a bit.
but baby I’m back and ready to share a cute idea I came up with for DIY christmas Ornaments!

one early morning at around 4 AM the little lightbulb that hangs above my head just went off. Last christmas I made my boyfriends parents a yarn wrapped wreath for Christmas I loved it and hope they did to. They do STILL have it hanging up so I’m going to hope its not just to make me feel good about it lol.
Anyways I thought about how cute little mini yarn wrapped wreaths would be so I got to work. I had been saving paper towel and toilet paper rolls for a while now..just waiting to find something to do with them and I has finally found it. I cut them up into 6 little circles a piece.Hot glued the end of a piece of yarn to them and wrapped till they were beautiful. Take a look!

If you absolutely love these but don’t have time to DIY I have them available on my Etsy shop.

These little ornaments are also featured on my Facebook Business Page.