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Look What I found Part II!

19 Mar

I went Treasure hunting this past weekend and found a few very interesting things that I wanted to share with you guys!
I also listed them on Etsy, if you’re interested in buying in any of them.

Hello 2012!

29 Dec

With 2012 fast approaching Ive been seriously thinking about life goals and changes I could make to better my whole situation. After a lot of thought I realized that there is so much that needs to be repaired and rebuilt and I started to feel a bit overwhelmed. So I decided to break it down to different aspects of my life. The first aspect is my online business and all around crafty life, What can I do to improve my sales, or inventory, or Etsy.
The second aspect is my happiness, what changes can I make to improve my self worth and keep the gnawing hint of depression from turning into a giant monster consuming me whole like it so often does…better yet what can I do the get rid of it all together?
Third aspect is my relationships, what can I do to improve the relationships I already have and build new ones with people who share similar interest and can help me feel balanced.
Fourth, my lifes stability. What can I do stabilize myself financially and emotionally?
I don’t know what too much information would be to share on a blog mainly focused on my crafty and upbeat life, but to be completely honest the past year has been very rocky in all these areas and its getting to the point where something needs to be done. So thank god for this new year, I welcome it with open arms, if I ever needed a fresh start it would be now.

Starting tonight and ending on the first, I’ll be posting blogs with what ever resolutions I can think of, I will be doing them by section. Fear not! I’ll also be posting updates on all my crafty projects!
in fact ‘m going to be sharing some pictures I took of my little sister now, earlier tonight we had a photo shoot for some vintage glasses I want to sell on Etsy.

What are some of your new years resolutions? how do you plan on following through with them this year?

Some recent thrift store finds :]

26 Dec

So I can’t express to you all how badly I am itching to hit some thrift stores today! Its the day after christmas, money was flowing in and I’m newly inspired and motivated!
something you should know about me is that I am very easily discouraged. When I put effort into things and don’t get an immediate rave review I want to crawl up inside myself and forget I tried..its not healthy but it is what it is I guess. Anyways thats what Ive been starting feel lately regarding my crafty business ventures but after this christmas my enthusiasm is most definitely back! I totally understand that rome wasn’t built in a day and like I keep repeating through out y blog posts, it’s all baby steps. I really need to start listening to myself.
I want to go find new supplies new things to recreate I just want to get to work and come back with a bang :]
Anyways I wanted to share some of my most recent thrift store finds ❤

(I didn't find the bathing suit, it was actually given to me by a friend of a friend. It is vintage and adorable and originally found in a thrift store I think)


My freaken needles keep breaking!

29 Nov

I usually have this problem where instead of finding the root of whats wrong with what I’m doing I pretend like it’s just a phase and carry on..maybe in every day life thats fine (probably not though) but when it comes to me and my sewing machine it is most certainly not.

I keep breaking needles, usually during a back stitch but it has been driving me crazy.  Finally, tonight I went to go start a project, within the first three stitches the needle just snapped…and that was my last one. I have finally come to the conclusion that my laziness and procrastination is costing me time and money! and man am I pissed at myself right now. I mean I just went to savers and picked up a bunch of awesome fabric and scored a huge bag of buttons for like 2 dollars. I was so excited to use all my new stuff I felt so inspired! and now here I am venting on my blog. Worry not though I looked up what the problem might be and I will be experimenting with solutions later today ( as soon as any store opens that sells sewing machine needles )


For now though, since I’m so please with my thrift store finds tonight I’ll share some of my favorite jewelry from savers and the flea market with you!

.First Is this gorgeous watch I found at the flea market, the woman wanted 30 dollars for it, it was the first time I had ever haggled and I got it down to 15 🙂




Next is my favorite necklace in the whole world, It’s a locket I came across about a year and a half ago I wear it with almost everything that I can get away wearing it with.

Now last and honestly probably least is a necklace I got from savers that so wonderfully captured fall for me I had to have it and for a whopping 1.99 I got it.